Hands-free Sanitiser Stand

Heavy Duty Hands Free Sanitiser Stand

This hands free sanitiser stand is a sturdy heavy duty item. What makes it unique is that the hands free sanitiser stand contains a tank.  There are two models:
  • 5L tank
  • 25L tank

Primary Application

  • Schools
  • Commercial Environments
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitality
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Factories
  • Mining


5L Handsfree Sanitiser Stand

25L Handsfree Sanitiser Stand

Material: Mild Steel
Mechanical Foot Mechanism


Dispensing Capacity:  5ml per spray
Estimated 900 sprays / 5L

Dispensing Capacity: 5ml per spray
Estimated 4500 sprays / 25L

Unit Size: H1100mm x W300mmxD190mm
Weight: 16kg

Unit Size: H1100mm x W400mm x D400mm
Weight: 34kg

Primary Application

Option 1
The client buys the unit. 

Option 2

  • Rental of unit/s.
  • Donaguard will be responsible for the servicing of units.
  • Should a unit be faulty, a replacement unit will be provided.
  • Unit must be bolted to the floor.
  • Only sanitiser provided by Donaguard may be used.
  • Unit becomes the property of the client after one year.

5L Handsfree Sanitiser Stand

25L Handsfree Sanitiser Stand

Deposit:  R2000.00

Deposit: R3000.00

Sanitiser Refill:  R325.00

Sanitiser Refill:  R1625.00

Monthly Rental: R500.00

Monthly Rental:  R500.00